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“Symposium is different. It is not a book club where you read the latest best seller, sip wine, gossip, and do everything but talk about the book.  And it’s not an academic seminar either – where a rumpled professor in an ill-fitting corduroy blazer lectures on why a great book is sacrosanct.  Instead, Symposium gives you – the average reader – an opportunity to tussle, engage, and struggle with understanding, the big ideas of life.  Symposium participants, while being expected to read the book, are not expected to have any advance knowledge about a text or to even have any idea who the author is.  Many times, I have fundamentally misunderstood a text or read a passage incorrectly, but during (and after) the discussions, I have come away with a better understanding of the text through the thoughtful comments of others.  Symposium will force you to engage authors and to tackle ideas that are so easily glanced over.”

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—Jason Erlich, San Francisco, CA

Thucydides' Peloponnesian War
January-March 2018, San Antonio, TX - in conjunction with the San Antonio Museum of Art.  
The Education Quartet
iSymposium: A Serious Reader's Pathway Through Four Western Classics - Plato's Republic, Dante's Divine Comedy, Rousseau's Emile and Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. Starting Winter 2018.
Journey to the East
iSymposium East: A Serious Reader's Pathway through Six Eastern Classics from India, China and Japan
Plato's Meno
September - October 2017, San Antonio, TX
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