Plato’s Meno 

 “Can you tell me, Socrates, is virtue something teachable? Or if it is not teachable, is it acquired by practice? Or neither teachable or by practice, but does it come to human beings some other way, for example, by nature?”    

Thus begins Plato’s Meno. The Platonic dialogue is the only book that seems to suspend the book form itself. The dialogue, in other words, is something you don’t just read passively, but you participate in.

 Join us this Fall 2017 for a four-part conversation based on Plato’s dialogue the Meno, as we attempt to participate in the dialogue itself.  We will read passages out loud together, reflect on our own experiences, and engage in a shared pursuit of understanding concerning the fundamental questions arising from the text.

Please note: Not a lecture, but a conversation about a text. No prerequisites are required for participation in this series, besides the desire and readiness to launch into learning.  

Four Thursday evening conversations: September 14th - October 5th

Tobin Branch Library at Oakwell, San Antonio Texas, 6-8pm.

  •  September 14th Part I – The Question and the Swarm of Bees

  •  September 21st  Part II – Digression: The torpedo fish and learning as recollection

  •  September 28th Part III – Anytus’ Anger

  •  October 5th  Part IV – The Statues of Daedalus

Cost:  Free.

Edition: George Anastaplo translation. 

Register now!

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Plato's Meno
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